Auction record for a painting by Salvador Dali

The works of Salvador Dalí fighting in recent weeks at auction records.

A painting « Portrait of Paul Eluard » painted in 1929 has been awarded 13.4 million pounds ($ 21.6 million, 15.8 million euros), February 10, 2011, during the sale at Sotheby’s in London, setting a new record for a work of the master of surrealism.

Dali had met the poet during a stay in Paris in 1929 and this meeting was to have a major influence on the work and the painter’s life (it was then that leaves Gala Eluard for Dali).

Also, the study for « Honey is sweeter than blood » was auctioned for 6 370 000 dollars (4.7 million euros) on Feb. 9 at an auction of Impressionist and modern art at Christie’s.

This work, dated 1926, was a study for the painting « The honey is sweeter than blood » found today.

This is the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation in Figueres, who won the auction for this fundamental work in the construction of the surrealist painter of Catalan in Catalonia back.

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